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Philosopher in Residence

Philosopher in Residence: Mr Alistair McConville

My role as Philosopher in Residence at APR Medtech is to act as an arm’s length adviser, challenging the Directors about the potential tensions between running a successful business and looking after people, ensuring that they fulfill their deeply held intention of putting patient care before profit. The Directors at APR Medtech aspire to do business as responsibly and compassionately as possible, keeping the welfare of vulnerable people at the top of their agenda.

My role is to act as a ‘gadfly’ at board meetings. I have 15 years experience teaching business and medical ethics (amongst other things) in some of England’s top schools as well as some time in the financial sector. It is a privilege to be able to apply the thinking I have done about these issues in a real world situation, and to work with people who are earnestly seeking to run a humane and sustainable business.