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Amazonia® SIR Sirolimus DES

The Amazonia® SIR Sirolimus Eluting Stent is an excellent first line choice for DES coronary intervention.  The abluminal stent coating consists of a Poly vinyl pyrrolidone protective layer to the biodegradable polymer matrix.  The biodegradable polymer matrix is metabolised to carbon dioxide and water within 6-8 months. The antiproliferative sirolimus agent has an elution time of 48 days with demonstrable safety and efficacy reported.*

Details of the Amazonia® SIR e-Registry can be downloaded here.




  • Sirolimus drug with dose of 1.4µg/mm²
  • Drug carrier is Poly L Lactide family of co-polymers
  • Stent material made from cobalt-chromium alloy L605
  • Strut thickness of 73μm (stent) + 5µm (coating)
  • Tubular, open cell stent design (6, 8 or 10 cells depending on stent diameter chosen)
  • Average recoil <5%
  • Average foreshortening <1%
  • Rapid exchange delivery system
  • Nominal Pressure (NP): 8atm
  • Rated Burst Pressure (RBP): 14atm
  • Tip profile of 0.016"
  • Compatible with 5Fr (0.056" ID) guide catheter for all stent sizes
  • Compatible with 0.014" guidewire
  • Wide ranges of stent length and diameter available



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*Amazonia Sir e-Registry click here


Amazonia® SIR Sirolimus DES


Amazonia® SIR Sirolimus DES


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