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ARCHIMEDES Bioresorbable Biliary and Pancreatic Stent

The ARCHIMEDES Stent is a Bioresorbable Biliary and Pancreatic Stent intended to be used to drain obstructed biliary or pancreatic ducts.1 The patented helical design of the stent allows for bile to flow on the outer extremity of the device while supporting the opening of the lumen.



  • Three degradation profiles address all biliary and pancreatic drainage indications
  • Potential to reduce cost, morbidity and complication rates by eliminating subsequent stent removal procedure
  • Proximal and distal flaps help minimize migration
  • Anatomical shape for enhanced positioning
  • Tapered tip facilitates smooth cannulation
  • Helical bile channels allow for anatomical bile flow




* Minimal Strength Retention is defined by the presence of at least 10% of an initial strength parameter. The Stent remains intact with no breaks, tested in a simulated degradation model

** The different degradation profiles are designed for but not limited to the listed potential applications. The suitable Degradation Profile of the stent must be chosen by a clinical professional, always taking the underlying disease and the condition of the individual patient in to account.


1. Hepatic, Cystic, Common Bile, and Pancreatic resulting from malignancy of the liver, pancreas, duodenum, biliary tree or from various benign disease.

2. Based on global plastic stents procedure estimates placed annually, the Archimedes biodegradable stent has the potential to reduces cost, morbidity and complication rates by eliminating subsequent stent removal procedure.



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