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Ascitex™ Multi-Purpose Drainage Procedure Pack

The Ascitex™ Multipurpose Drainage Procedure Pack contains all the items necessary to safely and conveniently complete the procedure in the department or ward. It is indicated for percutaneous introduction of a drain for paracentesis, the drainage of pleural fluid or similar cavity drainage.

  • MULTIPURPOSE DRAIN with soft, kink resistant catheter material, improves patient comfort and prevents unnecessary catheter replacement caused by harder materials.
  • NITINOL GUIDEWIRE with soft, non-traumatic platinum tip to ensure safe delivery of the catheter into the abdominal cavity or organ.
  • SECURE LOCKING SYSTEM to give reliable pigtail locking without cumbersome ‘keys’ or bulky hubs. Self-adhesive removal instructions (for addition to the patient’s notes) are provided with every locking drain.  Non-locking version also available.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE DRAIN FIXATION is included in every kit to ensure comfort and extra security.
  • COMPLETE PROCEDURE TRAY including syringes, needles, drapes, swabs and ascites drainage bag with tap.



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