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BIS Biliary Stent (cSEMS)

The BIS self-expandable, large-calibre, fully covered and easily removable biliary stent is designed to be used in chronic Common Bile Duct (CBD) obstructions for allowing intra-luminal flow during long indwelling periods (up to 36 months). They are made from a super-elastic alloy (nitinol) and fully covered by a novel polymeric material intended to prevent tissue ingrowth and reduce risk of occlusion.  In addition there are specially designed proprietary end elements intended to minimise risk of reactive tissue proliferation. The anchored model has a low radial force sphincteric segment to minimise reflux. The anchored model can be inserted without papillotomy. Deployment of the BIS stent can be performed using the standard ERCP procedure or percutaneously (depending on the deployment system used).  The single wire stent construction makes removal simple and straightforward.                                                                    


      • Indicated for all strictures in the Common Bile Duct
      • Long indwelling time (up to 36 months)
      • Endoscopic or transhepatic insertion
      • Non-shortening to ensure accurate stent placement
      • Available with or without an anchor
      • Fully covered to prevent tissue in-growth
      • Anti-reflux design
      • Single wire construction facilitates easy removal, even after long indwelling periods
      • The stent is mounted on a 10Fr endoscopic (retrograde) or transhepatic (antegrade) delivery system.
      • Stent sizes available with or without an anchor, in diameters of 8mm or 10mm and lengths of 60, 80, 100 or 120mm
BIS unraveling image                                                                                                                                            

Clinical data

  • Endoscopic treatment of biliary complications after liver transplantation using Allium® metallic stent - click here
  • Endoscopic treatment of anastomotic biliary complications after liver transplantation using removable, covered, self-expandable metallic stents - click here


Please click here to download the product brochure


Product brochure


Endoscopic Instructions for Use


Transhepatic Instructions for Use


Poster UEGW 2010


Scand. J. Gastro. 2012; 47: 116–121


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