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Longlife Ureteric Stent

The Longlife Ureteric Stent has been manufactured using Carbothane® polyurethane to aid resistance against constant urine exposure, subsequent encrustation risk and ultimately blockage.  The need to replace stents prematurely may have a negative impact on patient quality of life due to increased re-intervention rates and compromised disease management / symptom control.  Avoiding the need for re-intervention may also minimise healthcare costs.  In addition to maintaining patency, the Longlife Ureteric Stent is designed to conform to ureteral anatomy, is flexible and offers well-formed pigtail ends to enable long term, secure anchoring within the bladder and renal pelvis.

  • Manufactured using thermosensitive Carbothane® polyurethane
  • Includes pusher and draw-string
  • Contains 40% barium sulphate for excellent visualisation under fluoroscopy
  • Multi-vented shaft to facilitate interchange between intraluminal and extraluminal flow


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