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MPD Locking, Non-Locking & Exchange Catheters

Our MPD Multipurpose Drainage Catheters and Sets offer a new solution to the challenge of maintaining a soft, kink free material with the need to prevent ‘ruckle-back’ during insertion.

  • SOFT, KINK FREE catheter material improves patient comfort and prevents unnecessary catheter replacement caused by harder, ‘kink resistant’ materials.
  • SECURE LOCKING SYSTEM to give reliable pigtail locking without cumbersome ‘keys’ or bulky hubs. Self-adhesive removal instructions (for addition to the patient’s notes) are provided with every locking drain.  Non-Locking version also available.
  • EASYTIP™ CORE to prevent ‘ruckle-back’, minimising resistance during insertion; reducing discomfort and speeding correct placement (8.4F-14F).
  • COMPLETE WITH DRAINAGE CONNECTION SET to reduce costs and make our MPD Catheters even better value for your department or ward.
  • EXCHANGE CATHETER (Catheter only) option is also available to help minimise unnecessary waste for patients undergoing repeat procedures and/or not requiring integrated stylet or cannula support.



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