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URIGLOW®­ Transilluminating Ureteric Stents

URIGLOW® Transilluminating Ureteric Stents provide rapid identification of the lower pelvic ureter during open and laparoscopic surgery.

URIGLOW® illuminates the ureters from the inside. Light shines through the thin peritoneum and identifies the position and track of the ureter. In practice the URIGLOW® appears as a line of 6 glowing dots which can be seen In the lower pelvis. As the stent is inserted or withdrawn, the track of the ureter is demonstrated. The device has particular use in those procedures which put the ureter at risk:

  • Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy (LAVH)
  • Complicated pelvic dissection – open or laparoscopic
  • Laser/diathermy ablation of endometriosis
  • Uterosacral nerve plexus ablation
  • High and low anterior resection

URIGLOW® Light Guide Coupler

The URIGLOW® Light Guide Coupler (LGC) is a reusable precision optical device designed to absorb up to 90% of infrared radiation (IR) present in the output of medical light sources. It safely and securely links fibre optic cables to the URIGLOW® Transilluminating Ureteric Stents.

  • HIGH LEVEL IR ABSORPTION: The URIGLOW® LCG is designed to absorb up to 90% of light source IR output which means there is no detrimental heating effect in the ureter from high intensity light sources.
  • ROBUST DESIGN: Solid stainless steel construction securely protects the delicate IR mirror and lens assembly.
  • SECURE ATTACHMENT: The URIGLOW® LGC will securely attach the URIGLOW® transilluminating stents to any standard Storz screw type light cable fitting.
  • REUSABLE: The URIGLOW® LGC is designed for steam sterilisation.
  • AUTOCLAVE: 134°C (+3°C – 0°C) for minimum of 3 minutes. Carefully follow instructions provided with the unit.

Easy to use

Use of the URIGLOW® Transilluminating Ureteric Stents and the URIGLOW® Light Guide Coupler is simple to use and we also provide on-site training to ensure you are comfortable with how to set up and use the device properly. Please email to request a visit from a member of the APR Medtech team.

You can also learn more about the URIGLOW® Transilluminating Ureteric Stents and the URIGLOW® Light Guide Coupler by downloading our product brochure here.  Please also view our resource items for additional support, including a Steps for Use poster.


Watch the URIGLOW® Transilluminating Ureteric Stents video: insertion and use



URIGLOW®­ Transilluminating Ureteric Stents


URIGLOW®­ Transilluminating Ureteric Stents


URIGLOW®­ Transilluminating Ureteric Stents


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