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Wedge NC Scoring Balloon

Wedge NC is a low profile, non-compliant scoring balloon optimised to track and deliver like a conventional PTCA balloon, providing a safe and controlled scoring effect

  • Single wire design provides focused and controlled scoring, whilst avoiding wire twists or stent interference
  • Fixed nitinol wire is enveloped within the balloon fold for superior deliverability
  • Coaxial rapid exchange design gives excellent push and tracking
  • Tri-fold balloon technology allows multiple balloon rewrapping
  • Low crossing profile: 0.0350" (Ø 3.0mm)
  • 22 atm Rated Burst Pressure
  • 2.0mm - 4.0mm diameter and 6mm to 30mm lengths available
  • Slider™ hydrophilic coating on external surface to aid lesion crossing
  • Eel™ silicone coating within guidewire lumen for optimal balloon tracking

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