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Champion™ PTCA Guide Wire

The Champion™ PTCA Guide Wire for cardiology use consists of a stainless-steel core with PTFE coated shaft surface. It has been developed as a workhorse wire with a design emphasis on safety. Features include an atraumatic tip with 3cm radiopaque length. The degree of tip stiffness is available in Standard, Intermediate, Floppy and Extra Floppy. The wire composition has been designed to offer a reliable, consistent performance with an excellent balance of flexibility and support.



  • Stainless steel 0.014" guide wire with PTFE coating
  • Straight or J-formed platinum tip with optional hydrophilic coating
  • Tip stiffness: standard, intermediate, floppy or extra floppy
  • Lengths ranging from 175 to 300 cm

Ordering information

Our Cardiology brochure includes additional product lines. Please download here. If you would like a member of the APR Medtech team to visit your department, please email or call 01844 340 620.



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