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SpeedKetch™ Haemostatic Valve

SpeedKetch is the original vascular access system designed for single-handed use.  The SpeedKetch internal tricuspid valve offers excellent hold and control of wires, even during complex neuroradiology cases.



  • A unique push-pull design with tricuspid haemostatic valve
  • Reliable wire hold offering optimal control
  • Enables single-handed accurate intravascular device insertion
  • Clean, fast and safe procedure intended to minimise back-flow and limit blood loss
  • Absence of side arm minimising dead space in procedures requiring embolisation with glue of fluids
  • Ideal for stabilisation of microwires
  • Distal silicone grommet within the SpeedKetch™ device avoids inadvertent guide catheter movement and/or twist
  • Latex-free


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